Monday, June 29, 2009

Feelasophy Blog - Day 1

You have arrived at the place where old philosophy
meets new feelasophy. The old Geocities site is going
to be vanishing soon, and this new blogspot will take
over, a place for the best poem I can write each week
in my new feature, an ongoing posting I’ll refer to as
Weekly Worded.

Of course, the links to all the prose and poems that get posted, some YouTube
adventures, and even pictures when I can find some image that catches hold
of me. And who knows what else.

All this is thanks to my friend in St. Cloud, David, who has been gently suggesting
I try to update my static old site. So be patient as we get this change of venue rolling.

Chances are a new retiree, given the right advice, can learn a few new tricks.

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