Friday, October 29, 2010

Weekly Worded

Ed Abbey’s Cadillac

A rag top is ideal
for tossing beer cans
while touring the desert

and twelve miles to the gallon
on a good day
makes as much environmental sense.

Ed, you were a heap
of contradictions, not so different
from the Cadillac your wife sold

for five thousand dollars
a year after you died.
Idealism can’t be restored.

New paint and upholstery
won’t bring you back.
The bidding on eBay

less than expected, despite
the current owner’s claim
it’s a hoot

riding your memory around
Arches National Park.
Delicate Arch is ever tenuous

and time will bring it down
like the rest of us. Driving past it
is all we have left to do.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Weekly Worded

Mountain Folk

“Nobody lives up that mountain road except the wealthy.”
“Then it’s a private road?”
“Oh no, it’s public as hell, they want us to admire their homes.”
“Then there are recreational destinations up there, hiking trails, scenic vistas?”
“Oh yeah, hundreds.”
“There must be a map.”
“Nope, the landowners won’t allow it.”
“Okay, I’ll watch for the signs.”
“There ain’t no signs left, except the ‘No Trespassing’ ones.”
“Damn well better believe it, they got dogs too.”
“Hasn’t anyone complained.”
“Oh sure, there’s been some whining.”
“So the authorities are looking into it?”
“Yeah, if by ‘it’ you mean their own pocket.”
“I’m going to drive up there. They can’t keep the common people out.”
“Go ahead, they don’t care.”
“Why not?”
“Their houses are so far off the road they won’t even notice.”
“What if I honk my horn?”
“They’ll just think a FedEx delivery truck got lost again.”
“Well, this revolution won't start itself. Thanks.”
“And close the gate behind you. Those golden calves tend to graze anywhere.”

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Weekly Worded

Convenient Thinking

I ate two hot slices of pizza at the convenience store for dinner, thinking fast food would be easier than driving all the way home and cooking a frozen pizza in the oven.

Then I bought a bottle of water to wash it down, deciding it would quench my thirst faster than rushing home to fill a glass under the tap.

Someone stepped out of the public restroom, so I stepped in, a chance to relieve my bladder instead of holding it on the long drive home.

After I washed my hands, it occurred to me to wash my face, thereby saving the time when I clean up before going to bed.

Things were so convenient I asked the young woman behind the register if she’d like to go out for a drink after her shift ended, instead of going home to my wife and kids and asking about their day.

I grabbed some money from the till while the young clerk was getting her coat, realizing how much simpler it would be to take the cash instead of going to work again.

That night I slept in my car. The florescent lights over the gas pumps were so bright I dreamed I was stretched out on a sunny beach, which was certainly more convenient than driving all the way to California.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Weekly Worded


I held it in my palm
until it warmed,
this potsherd

with a fingerprint
eight-hundred years cold.
Then I set it back down

on the rock ledge
that leaned toward an overlook.
Just a fragment

broken off the rim of a bowl,
it sopped up all the blue sky
it could hold

before rearranging itself
in the dirt, one more piece
of this puzzled earth.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Weekly Worded

Polonius Tweets

“Two things before you go.”
“Only two?”
“Don’t be sarcastic.”
“And the second thing?”
“What second thing?”
“The second of the two things before I go.”
“What was the first?”
“Not to be sarcastic.”
“Oh. No, that wasn’t the first.”
“It sounded like advice.”
“It was not my original thought.”
“So, can we move it along?”
“Yes, I was going to say, neither a borrower nor a lender be.”
“Of course not, those are regulated enterprises, requiring much more capital than my pittance of an allowance.”
“Oh, that’s some relief.”
“And the second thing?”
“What second thing?”
“The second of the two things.”
“Oh yeah, I forgot.”
“Just a second.”
“The world’s waiting.”
“It was something about thine own self.”
“The phrase ‘Thine own’ is a bit redundant.”
“Don’t be a smart ass.”
“Okay, that’s two, I’m outta here.”